July 10, 2017

At Mudpak we pride ourselves on our waxing. Lorraine, our Salon Manager, leads a team of expert beauty therapist who she has trade tested to ensure they reach our quality of service. She has over 15 years experience in the industry and has worked for high end salons including ‘The Sanctuary’. Having travelled the world as well as working in Australia, she has picked up fantastic tips and experience along the way. Our aim is to give you the perfect wax with as little pain as possible, however, there are some top waxing tips to help you along the way:

  1. Exfoliate, this is important to allow ingrown hairs to come through the surface of the skin. A gentle daily exfoliation is advised rather than aggravating your skin the day before waxing which could make your skin sensitive. Body brushing can also  help with exfoliation as well as having other benefits.
  2. Moisturise, try moisturising every day  allowing for your skin to be more supple. If your skin is extra dry use a moisturising cream rather than lotion as lotions only hit the surface and aren’t as nourishing to dry skin. Do Not use moisturisers or oils on the day of getting a wax, as this will stop the wax sticking to your hair and so jeopardising the final results.
  3. Stop Shaving, as tempting as it can be to have a quick shave in between waxes try not to. Shaving can make your have thicker and more course. If you become a loyal waxer your hair growth will tend to reduce as well as making the process a lot less painful.
  4. Keep Calm,  waxing is very quick and with our skilled therapists it will be over before you know it. Being tense and anxious will make things worse. There are some myths of taking a shot of caffeine before or some people have paracetamol to reduce pain. Do whatever works for you to make you less anxious. All our therapists are very friendly and will distract you as much as they can.
  5. Be Clean, clean skin is not only easier to wax it also is less painful and more effective. A clean surface to wax on allows for the wax to be applied more efficiently as well as letting the wax stick to the hairs.
  6. Be Patient, try to be patient between waxes coming too soon will mean a less perfect finish. 4-6 weeks is the ideal amount of time between waxes depending on the growth speed of your hair.
  7. Avoid hangovers or tiredness, being overly tired can actually make your skin more sensitive. When tired or hungover your body is recuperating and so will react badly to more pain.
  8. Book a treat,  why not book a treat after? Perhaps a Blow Dry or a Manicure so you have something to look forward to

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