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October 29, 2018

Winter light changes your skin tone and reflects a colder light on hair. Therefore, why not consider warming your look this Autumn by dying your hair red?

If you have long dark hair, why not treat yourself to the latest range of dynamic reds for the most vibrant, brilliant red hair ?

L'Oréal Magenta Red, colour mix

L’Oréal Magenta Red, colour mix

L'Oréal Magenta Red Application

L’Oréal Magenta Red Application

Red hair, rough dry

Red hair, rough dry

Vibrant red no pre-lightening

Vibrant red no pre-lightening


Charlie created a beautiful rich tone on Federica’s hair using L’oreal Majicontrast Majenta Red . Majicontrast is a fantastic range for brunettes who want a highlighted colour without having to use pre-lightener, it gives a wonderful vibrant and intense shade that lasts. It is a one-step colour service that lifts your natural hair. Federica has a beautiful dark brown natural hair base ( the ideal base to create this specific end result). As mentioned, no pre-lighting was needed to produce the vibrant red leaving the hair with an even finish and a dynamic shade.

The application and process takes no longer than 90 minutes. Perfect timing for late appointments after work or even lunch breaks.  However, this just includes a rough dry. Don’t forget to leave longer if you want to leave looking super glamorous and have a professional blow dry

How can you stop your red hair from fading?

Top up vibrant red hair colour with Wella’s semi permanent range and use toning shampoos recommended by your stylist.

What other treatments do you offer?

At Mudpak we focus on offering bespoke and individual looks and styles but have a look at our full colour and styling services to give you an idea of what we can offer. Also, by all means pop us a call to arrange a complimentary consultation 0207 329 2827