July 31, 2017

Got a party to go to and need a specific look? Ben and Louise are the perfect team


Preparing the hair for a vintage style

Ben is very creative and loves experimenting and creating different styles with hair up and has a lot of experience with trying out different looks. Whilst working at Nicky Clarke’s he entered and won a Soiree where he had to design two looks from a film. For the Soiree Ben chose James Bond as his theme and two contrasting looks which blew the judges away .  His eye for detail allows him to create beautiful up dos for  any occasion.  In this instance he needed to create a 1920s look on Long hair. A combination of curling and setting created

Smokey eyes and hair done for vintage look – now time for those red lips

the perfect faux bob look.

Louise, who is a makeup artist as well as our Colour Director, also has a natural knack at creating the perfect look no matter what. After researching the vintage styles she perfectly matched the foundation ( making it paler than usual), emphasised the eyebrows to create a thicker arch (which was the height of fashion) and embellished the lips to create a fuller more vibrant look. The eyes were a pure masterpiece. Combining Charlotte Tilbury’s beautiful shades of gold and purples she created a smokey eye. Louise’s hot tip with smokey eyes is “it’s all about patience and blending and more blending”. The eyes were finished off with a gentle brown eyeliner and subtle flick which was softer than the more common harsh black liner.

The combination of hair and makeup created the perfect vintage look.



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