July 13, 2017 Photo of Men's Hairdressing St Paul's

Ben is a mastermind at creating the perfect individual hairstyle for men. He has a keen eye for precision, which allows him to get the most our of your hair. Creating both fashionable and sophisticated styles. If you want to try something a bit different you don’t always have to go the full way all at once but Ben can create interim styles to gradually ween you in.

Here are some of his key cuts for Men along with technical tips on how he achieves them:

Short back and sides – Longer on top with a side parting

Side Parting

Shorter at the back and sides – longer on top










This style forms a great shape to your haircut.

The key with this hairstyle, is shorter at the edges (around your ears and back hairline) and longer layers on top.

Keeping length on top still gives you the ability to mould your hair either forward, back or to the side. The longer you have on top, the more hair you can work with and the more creative you can be.

Softening– Blends your hair cut and reduces weight

Chipping in– Breaks thickness on top and texturises your hair


Faded hair cut

One of Ben’s favourite male hairs cuts. Why? Because you can see the faded length from short to long.

Faded Haircut

With this hair cut, you can start from a low grade either 10.5 or skin faded (no guard).

Starting with your lowest grade from your hairline, take your next grade half inch above, and so forth, until you reach the top. The further you go up, the larger the grade. You can also soften your cut, to blend it in better (as seen in pictures).

As with most haircuts for men, keep the length longer on top to help form a better shape. in addition, giving it more texture on top will also create a better look.

Chipping in– This breaks up the bulk of your hair  which is very good if you have thick hair

Slicing– A different way of taking thickness out your hair and texturising it

Softening– softens the hair in more


An undercut is similar to a ladies undercut, when the length is longer on top and shorter at the sides.


When hair is brushed back, you can see the contrast of length, from length on top to the shortness underneath.

How short you go underneath is up to you. However, keep in mind that for this cut to really work your length has to be a lot longer on top to show the contrast.

The shorter you go at the back and sides, and the longer you have it on top, will be the most effective and stylish

Breaking up your top layers, by either cutting intotexturising the ends or chipping inn, will create a great amount of texture and character to this style.

Cutting into– Breaks the bulk of hair and softens it at the same time.

Texturising your ends– cutting small little triangles at the end, keeps the length and create a softened effect to the ends.

Chipping inn / slicing– Breaking up the heavy bulk you have on top. Also helps your hair fall into shape.


Quiff / Sweeping Fringes

These two hairstyles have been so significant throughout the ages, like any good style they swing back in to fashion all the time.  Once cut there are two ways to style your hair


Sweeping Fringe

Off forehead – The Quiff


On your forehead – Sweeping Fringes

Sweeping FringeThe length you choose at the back and sides, is your choice.  As always, having it longer on top really helps show the contrast. Having it shorter at the back and sides would work better with this haircut, then having the same length as on top.

Softening  your hair will help to blend this hair cut.

Cutting into your length on top will help you wear your top layers, either up as a quiff or forward as a fringe.


Shave in parting and line work

For more adventurous hair cuts.

Shaved in parting– a small faint line shave in.

Shaved in lines– this can be used anywhere in your haircut to give it more of an edge, most commonly used with faded or shorter haircuts

men’s cut – shaved sides


These are just a few of many hair cuts for men

Ben’s motto:  start with your length from there he can help you find the right hair cut for you






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