July 14, 2017

With any style Bob you can maintain your hair at home

#1 Once washed, rough dry hair 60% for fine hair, 50% for medium hair, 40% for coarse hair. You want to take a bit more moisture out of finer hair, as the product works better when your hair is drier.

#2 If your applying a product use a fairly strong mousse if your hair is finer or  a lighter mousse if you have medium-coarse hair.

#3 As you apply your mousse, comb it through from the roots to the ends. Make sure you repeat this process on the interior of your hair as well by dividing your hair into sections.

#4 If you don’t like mousse than you can chose an alternative product such as a lifting spray  and spray directly onto your roots first, then to the middle length right through to the ends of your hair.

#5 Rough dry product into hair (finer hair 60%, medium hair 70%, coarse hair 80%).

#6 Your brush size determines the amount of volume and movement in your hair. Large brush size equals less volume and movement and a small brush size equals to more volume and movement.

#7 For smooth and voluminous hair, you need to be lifting at the roots and smoothing your ends, make sure enough moisture has been rough dried first, otherwise it will take you longer than needed. #timesaver 

#8 For more movement and wave I would use a smaller brush and do the same process lifting your roots and then wrapping your hair around your brush and heating the brush whilst your hair is wrapped around it.

#9 If you do have finer hair and your hair drops quickly then use a roller or do a pin curl (put your index and middle finger together, wrap your hair around your fingers and securely pin into hair,  making sure your ends are tuck in) then leave to set and cool down naturally.

#10 Continue this process in sections.

#11 To finish you can use a light wax , keratin cream  or hairspray  

#12 When it comes to products, keep it as simple as possible. You don’t want to be working with any more than 3 products. A product for volumizing, finishing and a hairspray.

Keep it simple!


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