July 12, 2017

A world famous Mayfair hairdresser called Leonard Lewis did an iconic Pixie hairstyle on a very
young lady who just started out modelling, called Lesley HornbyTwiggy” in the 60’s.
His friend and ex colleague “Nagels” who swapped hairdressing to become Twiggy’s Manager,
first introduced her to Leonard when he had his Mayfair salon. The name “Twiggy” came from
Nagels’ brother who called her Twiggy because she was so skinny.
Leonard wanted to try a new style on her, a cut he named “Eton Crop“.
The cut rejuvenated Twiggy, but beforehand she was very sceptical about the dramatic change. However, Nagels had a way with words and managed to persuade her “you’re not having it cut by any original hairdresser, this is Mr. Leonard, a world famous hairdresser“, she agreed the go ahead.
Once finished, she absolutely love it, and not long after that she became very famous and was
named “the face of 66“.

Leonard Lewis

Leonard Lewis was a world famous hairdresser in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and produced some amazing work. He had world famous clients such as John F. Kennedy, Robert Mitchum, Jack Nicholson, Tony Curtis, Ryan O’Neal, Albert Finney & David BowieHe was also the man who gave the Beatles the “Moptop” before they became famous.
Leonard trained some talented and well known hairdressers at his salon at No.6 Upper Grosvenor Street, London. Many apprentices come through his salon, such as Nicky Clarke and John Frieda. Interestingly, both our stylists Ben Hayman and Louise Green trained and worked at Nicky Clarke’s and John Frieda’s respectively.

Pixie Cuts

The name “pixie” can also mean “shorter hairstyle” and Ben Hayman likes pixie cuts for a number of reasons. Similar to the bob you can do multiple different hairstyles and not just the ” standard” short hairstyles. You can mix it up with scissor over-combing, undercutting, asymmetry, heavier fringes and layers. It’s another hairstyle you can really think outside of the box with and therefore make it as creative or quirky as you want. There is always a uniqueness about a pixie cut
There are two main types of pixie cuts, short and long.

Do you dare go short?

The environment and people you spend your time around can have a big influence on yourself and your hairstyle, especially when it comes to the pixie cut. If you’re in an environment where the majority of your friends have long hair, separate yourself from the rest and be a bit different. After all, who wants to be like everyone else?
If you’re thinking of going shorter or a bit scared for a change to have a pixie hairstyle then it’s good to think about it for 30 days first or alternatively cut your hair in stages. Target the next level before committing 100% to it. Ben suggests perhaps trying out a longer pixie style and then a shorter one.

Why not try a longer pixie cut first?

Having confidence in your hair stylist can allow you to be more daring and make the most of your hair to help your character shine.

Styling your pixie look

With pixie hairstyles it’s a lot quicker to dry and style.
It does require maintenance though and you will need to blow dry your hair daily to make the most of your cut. You will need a finish product, a round brush and finishing product.
  •  Rough dry 60% fine hair, 70% medium hair and 80% coarse hair
  • If your hair is soft and want a boast use Wella or Osis products to add hold
  • Rough dry the product in
  • Use a medium to small brush to start blow drying
  • To create volume and movement start either at the side or at the top
  • Remember it’s a simple blow dry, so don’t spend to much time on each section
  • Secure the brush into the roots and lift up to create volume
  • Wrap your hair around the brush and heat the brush to create movement
  • To get your hair to flick out, wrap your hair in the opposite way and heat the brush
  • Once the blow dry completed, use a finishing product. Either a light wax (Aveda) or a keratin
    cream (Keratin and Argan Cream) to give it a smoother finish

Remember, keep it simple! 


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