August 21, 2017

A day in a life of a Mudpak Photoshoot

The Team for the Mudpak Photoshoot


Hairdresser : Ben  ¦  Makeup Artist: Louise ¦  Photographer: Eduard  ¦  Models: Grace & Nadezhda

Setting the Scene

Early one cloudy and rainy Saturday morning amongst the high glamour of the City of London Mudpak opened it’s doors for a secret photoshoot. Conditions were not great but then Mudpak Team were determined as always.

Model 1

Starting with Grace, who has natural, long, wavy, beachy blonde hair. We wanted to keep Grace’s natural hair texture but enhance it to a softer, tousled wave. We thought this look would also complement her white and red rose dress.
Firstly, stylist Ben, used Wella mousse to give Grace’s hair more texture, grit and hold. As Grace’s hair is long and heavy, Ben wanted Grace’s hair to last as long as possible, especially in the rain. As Ben applied the mousse into Grace’s hair, Ben comb through from roots to ends, making sure Grace’s hair was covered to achieve maximum hold. Ben then rough dried Grace’s hair 100% dry. After rough drying Ben could start to enhance Grace’s wave, by using large tongs and setting them in pin curls to set and  cool down. Ben repeated this process over the whole head, and then left it to set naturally.

Whilst he hair was cooling down our makeup artist, Louise, started applying Grace’s makeup. For Grace, Louise wanted to create a soft peachy skin look. Louise wanted to compliment that by using Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow and light wonder foundation, with a touch of highlighter on her cheekbones. Grace’s lips were finished off with a gorgeous red lip using a combination of Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘kissing range, so Marilyn’, lip cheat ‘kiss n tell’ and ‘red vixen‘ lip gloss.

Model 2

Ben applying heated rollers to Nadezhda’s Hair

Ben then started on model number two Nadezhda.

Nadezhda had natural curly, brown, fine hair. Ben wanted to keep Nadezhda’s natural curl, but inhance her curl to a more glamourous, soft curl. Again Ben started off using Wella’s mousse like he did with Grace’s hair, to also give Nadezhda’s hair more texture, grit and hold. Once he combed the mousse through into Nadezhda’s hair, he then started rough drying to about 50% dry before blow drying it smooth. Ben wanted to smooth Nadezhda’s hair out first to give her more of a polished finish.After smoothing Nadezhda’s hair out, Ben then started to put in carmen rollers (heated rollers). Once her hair was full with carmen rollers, Ben then left the rollers to set.
By this point Grace’s hair was ready to be finished. So Grace and Nadezhda swapped places and Louise started to do Nadezhda’s makeup. Louise wanted to go for a bronzed glowing look for Nadezhda. Louise used Charlotte Tilbury’s wonderglow again but plenty of it to create a
 real glowing, sun tanned look on her skin. Nadezhda’s  eyes were smokey using Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘sophisticate eye palette‘ and her 5 minute beauty glow palette which also provided the contouring to emphasise her cheekbones.

Finishing touches



It was time to take Grace’s pin curls out of her hair. Once all out, Ben then dressed her hair by shaking out her curl into a tousled wave. To keep hold of the wave Ben used L’Oréal hairspray to finish.

L’Oreal Hair Spray

Then it was time to finish Nadezhda’s hair. Ben took Nadezhda’s carmen rollers out of her hair and gently shock her curls to enhance a softer curl and then use L’Oréal hairspray to finish. Now the models were looking glamourous it was time for the shoot, and so, Eduard our photographer took Grace and Nadezhda outside.
Eduard wanted to capture a soft, simple image of the girls. Eduard blurred the background and the crowd to emphasise how fast paced the City is around them. This also allowed him to drive his focus towards the models. Eduard took many pictures in various spots of the City to capture the models look and style. Despite the bad weather, it was a good day and great work with all the team

Hiding from the rain

A fantastic job by all!


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