June 27, 2017

Men’s hair is getting more and more exciting each year. The number of new styles and images which are associated with men’s hair is quite astonishing.

Barbering has grown an extraordinary amounts and over the decades we have seen some interesting styles and it’s just getting better and better.

Similar to women’s hair different hair length has a different style and shape to it, both ling and short have their own unique looks. With the use of undercuts, line work, shave-in partings men’s hair styles are becoming more like art forms than simple haircuts.

Ben Hayman, has a creative and precise eye. He is able to identify the best style for his clients and his accuracy allows them to keep a style going until the next cut.

Photo of Men's Hairdressing St Paul's

Men’s Hairdressing St Paul’s


Men’s Hair isn’t all about bowl cuts these days!

The quiff,  side partingssweeping fringesslick back, short at the back and sides and longer on top, all have a unique style. There are so many options to suit your face shape and hair texture and of course your life style. 

In any of these hairstyles your first option will be your hair length. A length that will suit you, a length you feel the most comfortable. The good thing is, if your on the fence and are unsure about a change in length, you can do it in stages.

Men’s hair doesn’t require to much time to maintain. You just need a style that fits best you and a few tips to help maintain it


Top tips to get a cut that will suit you

1# Always start will the length first.

2# Get a cut that will suit your face shape. Most men may not know there own face shape but it can really help  with establishing the best style. The 5 most common are squareroundheartoblongoval – Which one do you have?  

3# Choose a cut that best suits your lifestyle.

4# A good cut will grow out well, it’s worth spending the time and find someone with the expertise you extend the life of your hairstyle.


To maintain your hair at home

  • Once washed, rough dry 100%, before applying product.
  •  Apply product, Ben recommends American crew, fiber or clay.
  • Use about a 5 pence piece size of product and rub into the palm of your hands.
  • Firstly, apply product at the back and then work your way up to the top.
  • Apply product again (if needs be).
  • For more hold, use a little hairspray.





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