May 23, 2017

The Bob was the cut that changed the hairdressing world in the late 50’s and early 60’s . It was Vidal Sasson that pioneered the movement and it has grown and evolved ever since. Vidal was a genius and changed the world of hairdressing forever. It was his keen eye for perfection which allowed for him to create such a beautiful cut. Without him, who know’s if we would have such a inspirational, powerful, sharp and edgy cut to work with? Of course, it is such a versatile hairstyle that we can mould, tweak and constantly improve it, even today.

Interestingly, Vidal first got his inspiration from London’s architecture back in the late 50’s. He found inspiration in the geometrical points to form some of his finest work. For example his famous “five point cut“, which later he did on model Grace Coddington.

Vidal Sassoon wanted to cut great shapes like Architects

Ben’s view on the bob

The most creative, edgy and quirky haircuts comes from the bob. You can have different length bobs, short to long and it will still be classed under the name “Bob”. This style is no simple matter and there are a number of different styles a hairdresser can play with.  Ben Hayman prides himself on precision cutting and loves to express his creativity when it comes to bobs to give you the very best out of your hair. It is important, as with any cut, that the key components are considered to ensure suitability for your lifestyle, face shape and hair texture.

For Ben, the bob has allowed him to really think outside the box and do some great haircuts over the years using his creativity. His experience ( especially at Nicky Clarke’s salon) has allowed for him to learn the art of “the bob” from some extremely talented stylists and he enjoys putting his own twist on the tips he has collated over the years. If you’re looking for a change from long to short hair Ben is your guy!





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