June 16, 2017

Strawberry blonde used to be a bit of a taboo in the hair world, however, recently it has become increasingly popular. Red hair has kicked off in the world of hair but this lighter version is a great way to join the trend whilst staying fairly natural. A reddy blonde is the perfect way to add warmer tones but still achieve a blonde look and is a great  look for sun kissed or fairer skin tones. This look is perfect for short hair ( as above ) expertly cut and styled by Ben Hayman.

Pre lighteners can be used to lift the hair and achieve that blonde look with a combination of reddish toners to help make the finish warmer. The tones can be changed with the season and warmer reds can be used in Autumn likewise you can go lighter during the summer.

Louise is a great advocate of strawberry blonde hair as it can be softer than blonde alone. If you want to try out this style she is the perfect Colour Director. Not only has she come from an extremely experienced colour background, she has also trained in make up for leading brand Charlotte Tilbury. This experience has perfected her eye for picking the  best hues for your colour tone both for your hair and make up.


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