June 13, 2017

As Salon Owner and daughter of a 5 month old you can imagine that time is not my friend. I’m a great believer in ‘wash and go’, although I definitely need a bit more glamour in my life. This is where Louise, our new Colour Director, helped me out. She suggested that I try a bit of palm painting to lighten up my look and emphasise the sun kissed tones I have but in a very natural and most importantly low maintenance way.  As a make-up artist for Charlotte Tilbury, Louise has a great eye for picking the best colour for your skin tone,

Palm Painting – the lowdown

This is for the low maintenance City woman with not much time on their hands, especially for those who prefer a natural look. It is a small step away from Balayage but not brought so close to the route and allowing for a more sun kissed look. It is a relatively speedy process too. Pre-lighteners are placed very naturally with a combination of toners to give your hair a beautiful glowy hue.


This is a great first stop for an introduction to colour. Leaving your routes allows you to leave longer in between each visit if need be. Although once you leave looking this glamourous after Louise has combined the perfect tones you’ll never look back and be hooked!

Side view after palm painting by Louise Green

Hot Tip

Louise suggests stretching your colour our with Toner intervals which could even match to the season. Using more pearly tones in summer and in autumn when you want to warm things up a bit you can use more caramel hues.


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