May 15, 2017

Mid-length hair sits just past the shoulder blade and is a soft, elegant hairstyle on anyone – not too short or not too long

When brought forward it sits perfectly over your shoulders in it’s own graceful way. Don’t be confusing mid-length to shoulder length hair, as these are two different lengths of hair!

Naturally styled shoulder length hair

Mid-length hair is a soft hairstyle which sits past your shoulders. Whereas, shoulder length hair flicks out on your shoulders which Ben likes to class as an “in-between” length. This happens to everyone with this length hair because as your hair touches your shoulder it naturally flicks out. Ben’s top tips on how to avoid your hair flicking out are to style your hair to mid-length instead and follow the below tips:

 #1 Allow your hair to grow out past your shoulders to mid-length

 #2 Cut the length back above the shoulder

How to achieve this natural look with mid-length hair?

The Brush Method

1# Rough dry 40% before applying any product

2# Apply a light mousse (Wella)

3# Rough dry in the mousse until your hair is 80-85% dry all over

4# Use a medium brush size and smooth out your hair

5# Wrap your hair around your brush making sure your ends are tucked in and heat brush

6# Unwrap your hair out of your brush, leave, and then repeat on the next section

The Rollers Method

This is the same process when blow drying up to point 4 , only this time you set your hair in rollers

To do this:

1# Use a medium size roller, wrap your hair around your roller (making sure ends are smooth and tucked in) and wind back to your scalp

2# Repeat all over and let it to cool down natural

3# Take hair out of the rollers and gently shake out your hair so it moves naturally

4# Finishing your hair with argan oil or cream or a serum to give it a more a glossier finished

Hot Tip: If you have really curly hair use a nozzle when smoothing out your hair
         as this will give you a smoother/natural finish

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