May 9, 2017
Long hair can be so versatile, there are so many things to consider when choosing to keep your hair long.
As hair length is the foundation of any hairstyle, whether this relates to your haircut, blow dry or hair-up, it’s always the platform to start from.
Once you know your hair length you need to start considering layers, fringes, shaping around your face and graduation.

Beautiful bouncy curls – styled by Ben Hayman Soft Curls with long hair

Soft curls can be a beautiful look with long hair

To achieve soft curls with long hair you can use a number of techniques.
  • Smaller brushes, rollers (velcro or heated) or smaller tongs will all give you a similar tight curled look
  • The smaller the brush the tighter the curl
  • To achieve a wave, brush or shake the curl out
  • Heavy and thick hair may cause the style to drop, use products such as mousse (Wella Extra Volume)  and lifting lotions (Osis Blowdry Spray) to help
  • The warmer your hair and the length of time you set it for will make your style last longer
  • The length of time the style will last is also dependent on the texture of your hair i.e straighter hair will be harder to keep a curl
Remember  Every individual is different, everyones hair is different but you know your hair better than anyone else and what it’s limitations are

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