May 23, 2017

So here’s the bob lowdown from Ben Hayman. Of course, with any style bob they can be tweaked to consider the clients as no-one’s hair is the same. However, below outlines the different styles of Bobs:

One length / Graduated Bob

One length bob

One length bob is the most simplest of bobs to have, requires low maintenance, easy to maintain, and it can fit your choice of length long or short.

If you choose to have your bob graduated then this will form more of a flattering shape to your haircut.

Graduation can either be high or low. Meaning you can have high graduation so it forms a more defining shape or  a lower graduation to give it more of a softer, casual shape. The more the hair is graduated the more maintenance it can be to look after.

Inverted / Broken line Bob

Inverted Bob by Ben Haymen

The inverted bob is a well establish bob and has been for years. An inverted bob is when it’s shorter at the back and longer at the front. It’s a bob that works well with a lot of people as it still feels you have plenty of hair at the front and feels like a bob at the back.

Victoria Beckham supported this bob for years and is the most well known of most bobs hairstyles.

Broken line bob by Ben Hayman

The broken line bob, is when the line which connects the side and back together, is taken away. The hair line from the back goes into the nape below your earlobe and then is carried on to either above or below your jawline.






Asymmetric / Undercut Bobs

Asymmetric bob by Ben Hayman

An asymmetric bob haircut is two haircuts in one. It’s underlying feature is that one side is shorter than the other side.

For example, one side can be cut to a short bob, close to your jawline and the longer side cut just above your shoulder blade close to your neck. This gives the asymmetric look to your hairstyle.


An undercut bob is different…

It’s a haircut with short (sometimes shaved) under layer of the hair.

If you have, or are thinking, to have an undercut, you would start from underneath your occipital bone as anything else above this line would be too high. Your occipital bone sits at the back of your head. If you drew an imaginary line from the top of both ears, then join them in the middle at the back of your head, that’s it!

Undercut Bob by Ben Hayman

You can also follow the undercut to the sides, starting from underneath your temple.

The point of having an undercut hairstyle is so you can see the contrast of your long layers on top and the very short hair underneath. It is perfect for giving you cut an edge to it.

NB: If your layers on top are quite short then this hairstyle wouldn’t work as well, so if you haven’t, grow out your top layers first!




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